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For most files, a table of variables will display below, with links to the variable definitions. If no table displays, or if you need additional information for a specific variable, please see the CCW website. Data documentation is available for all files and codebooks for many.

If you are unable to locate the information you need, please contact ResDAC.

Cost and Use segment

SAS NameVariable Name
1BENE_IDEncrypted CCW Beneficiary ID
3ENRL_SRCEnrollment Source
4ACUTE_BENE_PMTAcute Inpatient Hospital Beneficiary Payments
5ACUTE_MDCR_PMT Acute Inpatient Medicare Payments
6ACUTE_PERDIEM_PMT Acute Inpatient Hospital Pass-thru Per Diem Payments
7ACUTE_PRMRY_PMTAcute Inpatient Hospital Primary Payer Amount
8ACUTE_STAYS Acute Inpatient Stays
9ACUTE_COV_DAYS Acute Inpatient Medicare Covered Days
10READMISSIONSAcute Inpatient Hospital Readmissions
11IP_ER_VISITS Inpatient Emergency Room Visits
12OIP_BENE_PMT Other Inpatient Hospital Beneficiary Payments
13OIP_MDCR_PMT Other Inpatient Hospital Medicare Payments
14OIP_PERDIEM_PMTOther Inpatient Hospital Pass-thru Per Diem Payments
15OIP_PRMRY_PMT Other Inpatient Hospital Primary Payer Amount
16OIP_STAYS Other Inpatient Stays
17OIP_COV_DAYS Other Inpatient Hospital Covered Days
18SNF_BENE_PMT Skilled Nursing Facility Beneficiary Payments
19SNF_MDCR_PMT Skilled Nursing Facility Medicare Payments
20SNF_PRMRY_PMTSkilled Nursing Facility Primary Payer Amount
21SNF_STAYSSkilled Nursing Facility Stays
22SNF_COV_DAYSSkilled Nursing Facility Medicare Covered Days
23HOS_MDCR_PMT Hospice Medicare Payments
24HOS_PRMRY_PMT Hospice Primary Payer Amount
25HOS_STAYSHospice Stays
26HOS_COV_DAYS Hospice Medicare Covered Days
27HH_MDCR_PMTHome Health Medicare Payments
28HH_PRMRY_PMTHome Health Primary Payer Amount
29HH_VISITS Home Health Visits
30HOP_BENE_PMT Hospital Outpatient Beneficiary Payments
31HOP_MDCR_PMTHospital Outpatient Medicare Payments
32HOP_PRMRY_PMT Hospital Outpatient Primary Payer Amount
33HOP_VISITSHospital Outpatient Visits
34HOP_ER_VISITS Hospital Outpatient Emergency Room Visits
35ASC_BENE_PMT Ambulatory Surgery Center Beneficiary Payments
36ASC_MDCR_PMT Ambulatory Surgery Center Medicare Payments
37ASC_PRMRY_PMT Ambulatory Surgery Center Primary Payer Amount
38ASC_EVENTS Ambulatory Surgery Center Events
39ANES_BENE_PMT Anesthesia Beneficiary Payments
40ANES_MDCR_PMTAnesthesia Medicare Payments
41ANES_PRMRY_PMT Anesthesia Primary Payer Amount
42ANES_EVENTS Anesthesia Events
43PTB_DRUG_BENE_PMT Part B Drug Beneficiary Payments
44PTB_DRUG_MDCR_PMT Part B Drug Medicare Payments
45PTB_DRUG_PRMRY_PMT Part B Drug Primary Payer Amount
46PTB_DRUG_EVENTSPart B Drug Events
47EM_BENE_PMTEvaluation and Management Beneficiary Payments
48EM_MDCR_PMTEvaluation and Management Medicare Payments
49EM_PRMRY_PMTEvaluation and Management Primary Payer Amount
50EM_EVENTS Evaluation and Management Events
51PHYS_BENE_PMTPart B Physician Beneficiary Payments
52PHYS_MDCR_PMTPart B Physician Medicare Payments
53PHYS_PRMRY_PMTPart B Physician Primary Payer Amount
54PHYS_EVENTSPart B Physician Events
55DIALYS_BENE_PMT Dialysis Beneficiary Payments
56DIALYS_MDCR_PMT Dialysis Medicare Payments
57DIALYS_PRMRY_PMTDialysis Primary Payer Amount
58DIALYS_EVENTSDialysis Events
59OPROC_BENE_PMTOther Procedures Beneficiary Payments
60OPROC_MDCR_PMTOther Procedures Medicare Payments
61OPROC_PRMRY_PMT Other Procedures Primary Payer Amount
62OPROC_EVENTS Other Procedures Events
63IMG_BENE_PMTImaging Beneficiary Payments
64IMG_MDCR_PMT Imaging Medicare Payments
65IMG_PRMRY_PMTImaging Primary Payer Amount
66IMG_EVENTSImaging Events
67TEST_BENE_PMT Tests Beneficiary Payments
68TEST_MDCR_PMT Tests Medicare Payments
69TEST_PRMRY_PMTTests Primary Payer Amount
70TEST_EVENTSTests Events
71DME_BENE_PMT Durable Medical Equipment Beneficiary Payments
72DME_MDCR_PMTDurable Medical Equipment Medicare Payments
73DME_PRMRY_PMT Durable Medical Equipment Primary Payer Amount
74DME_MDCR_PMT Durable Medical Equipment Events
75OTHC_BENE_PMT Other Part B Carrier Beneficiary Payments
76OTHC_MDCR_PMT Other Part B Carrier Medicare Payments
77OTHC_PRMRY_PMT Other Part B Carrier Primary Payer Amount
78OTHC_EVENTSOther Part B Carrier Events
79PTD_BENE_PMT Part D Beneficiary Payments
80PTD_MDCR_PMT Part D Medicare Payments
81PTD_EVENTS Part D Event Count
82PTD_FILL_CNT Part D Standardized Fill Count
83PTD_TOTAL_RX_CST Part D Total Prescription Costs